Select-a-period Multi Graphs

These graphs present a graphical representation for the collected data where you can configure your own graph to compare values together.

Displays data from the last 30 days but the start and end dates for the data can be changed below. Up to nine different data values can be selected or removed using the below drop-down selectors. Each data value has a further drop-down selector to change the colour for that particular data plot.

Mouse over the chart to see the values at any given time. The graphs are sampled at 5 minute intervals. Data is shown less freqently when a larger time period is requested. Preset time periods may be viewed using the zoom buttons to top right of the chart and or you can drag the navigator as necessary below the chart.

You can hide or unhide data sets from the chart by clicking the entry on the chart legend.

Note this data is sampled at a higher frequency of each minute at the Recent Data Select-a-Graph page for the last 7 days.

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