Website Analytics

This page show summarised information about the visits to this website, since 4 May 2019.

The visits by rainfall is updated at the beginning of each month and been last updated on Mon 1 July 2024 at 01:18:01 am. All other data on this page is at the current time.

A visit is where a user visits the website for the first time or has been more than 30 minutes since the last page view. A unique visitor may make more than 1 visit per day and therefore the number of visitors is lower. When a unique visitor makes more than the one visit (on the same or another day), that visitor becomes a returning visitor.

Frequent return visitors and visits is defined by the visits that are proportionally significant of all return visitors, to filter out the return visitors who have comparatively visited a low number of times compared to a larger number of visits made by some visitors. Frequent visitors are included that make 2 visits for the last 24 hours, 4 visits for the last 7 days, 5 visits for the last 30 days and visitors who contribute to 1 % for all return visits for the "All" period. For the chart for Return Visits, the visitors that are included make at least 5 visits in a calendar month.

Measure 24 Hours 7 Days 30 Days 1 Year All
Visits 45 395 1114 12019 31381
Visitors 35 167 359 3145 9759
Page Views 69 558 1437 16195 42449
Return Visits 33 294 840 9175 21773
Frequent Return Visits 29 244 757 8402 8041
Frequent Return Visitors 11 23 32 215 20