Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Latitude 27°S 23' 52", Longitude 152° E 55' 35", Elevation 76 m

Sat 2 Jul 2022 5:55:02 am: Temperature: 14.4 °C, Humidity: 98 %, Wind speed: 0 km/h, Wind Gust: 0 km/h, Rain today: 3.4 mm, MSLP: 1018.0 hPa

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Monthly Climatological Summary

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Jul 2022

Day Lo Temp. (°C)Hi Temp. (°C)Avg. Temp. (°C)Lo Dew Point (°C) Hi Dew Point (°C)Lo App. Temp (°C)Hi App. Temp (°C)Lo Hum. (%) Hi Hum. (%) Press. Lo
Press. Hi
Highest Gust
Wind Dir.Wind run
Total Rain
Max Rain Rate
0114.416.315.0 13.5 15.0 14.4 18.0 88 981019.51023.015WSW28.723.08.8

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