Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Latitude 27°S 23' 52", Longitude 152° E 55' 35", Elevation 76 m

Sun 25 Oct 2020 12:35:02 pm: Temperature: 25.8 °C, Humidity: 82 %, Wind speed: 6 km/h, Wind Gust: 14 km/h, Rain today: 4.0 mm, MSLP: 1008.91 hPa

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Recent Data Graphs

19 April 2020 - These graphs have been upgraded with various improvements, extended from 2 to 7 days and now draws data from the real-time database instead of data files.

These graphs present a graphical representation for the collected data for the last 7 days. Click on a button to display the corresponding chart.

Mouse over the chart to see the values at any given time. The graphs are sampled each minute. Preset time periods may be viewed using the zoom buttons to top right of the chart and or you can drag the navigator as necessary below the chart.

You can add or remove data sets from the chart by clicking the entry on the chart legend.

This data is drawn from a real-time database, and if there are system interruptions there may be gaps in the plotted data. Past Month Data Graphs shows the trends of the last 30 days without these gaps but at a lower sampling frequency.