Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, Latitude 27°S 23' 52", Longitude 152° E 55' 35", Elevation 76 m

Tue 4 Oct 2022 2:20:13 pm: Temperature: 21.0 °C, Humidity: 62 %, Wind speed: 6 km/h, Wind Gust: 15 km/h, Rain today: 0.0 mm, MSLP: 1020.0 hPa

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Welcome to Ferny Grove Weather

Ferny Grove is a suburb in North West Brisbane, Queensland, Australia about 12km from Brisbane City and 20 km inland from the coast.

The weather station in use is the Davis Vantage Pro 2. Most data on this website updates every 5 minutes. On this page the data automatically updates every 10 seconds. The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight.

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Station Operation News

Between Saturday 19 December 2020 and Tuesday 22 December 2020 improvements that were made to our system were completed ensuring the configuration aligns with the previous system and data. Our system has been switched to the upgraded system which uses a Davis Instrument Weather link Live as of 10:10pm on Saturday 26 December 2020 allowing for the commencement of recording air quality, solar radiation and sunshine hours. This data have now been integrated into this website. UV records commenced on 21 March 2021 and also has now been integrated into the website.

Ferny Grove Weather remains fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic and is operating as normal. If there are impacts to our operation then previsions will be enacted if practically feasible for the continued operation of the website.

New records in last 10 days
Last updated 2:20:13 pm Tue 4 Oct 2022
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Temperature and humidity
Temperature 21.0 °C
Apparent temperature 20.9 °C
Wind Chill 21.0 °C
Heat Index 21.0 °C
Dew point 13.6 °C
Chill hours 104.3 hrs
Low temperature today 11.4 °C at 1:40 am 
High temperature today 23.4 °C at 12:22 pm 
Fire danger index Loading...
Temperature and humidity
Avg temperature for today 16.5 °C
Last hour temperature trend -1.3 °C
Three hour temperature trend 0.3 °C
24 hour temperature change 20.8 °C
Relative humidity 62 %
Wet bulb temperature 16.5 °C
Delta T Loading...
Dew point depression Loading...
Low relative humidity today 54 % at 12:19 pm
High relative humidity today 96 % at 3:05 am
Rainfall today 0.0 mm
Rainfall yesterday Loading...
Rainfall this month Loading...
Rainfall this year Loading...
Rain in last hour 0.0 mm
Rain in last 24 hours 0.0 mm
High hourly rain today 0.0 mm at 12:00 am
Cloud base height 928 m
Rainfall intensity 0.0 mm
Last rained 2022-10-02 23:27 mm
Consecutive rain days 0 mm
Consecutive dry days 1 mm
Rainfall event total 4.8 mm at 02/10/2022
Max rainfall intensity 0.0 mm/hr at 12:00 am
Wind Speed
Current wind gust 6 km/h
10 min. avg wind speed 6 km/h
Beaufort F2 - Light breeze
10 min. wind gust 15 km/h
Today wind run 40.3 km
Max wind speed today 10km/h at 12:33 pm
Max wind gust today 21km/h at 1:14 pm
Wind Direction
Current wind bearing 0 ° -
Avg wind bearing 72 ° ENE
Wind bearing variation 337 ° to 138 °
Mean sea level pressure
MSL pressure 1020.0 hPa
Three hour trend -0.7 hPa (Falling)
Mean sea level pressure
High MSL pressure today 1023.2 hPa at 7:48 am
Low MSL pressure today 1019.9 hPa at 1:58 pm
Solar Radiation 332 W/m2
Sun shining Sun is not shining
UV Index 2.5
Solar totals and UV Index
Sunshine today 3.3 hrs
High UV Index today 10.4 (Very high) at 11:59 am
Air Quality - PM2.5
Current 0.0 ㎍/m3
Last hour average 0.0 ㎍/m3
Last 3 hours average 0.1 ㎍/m3
Last 24 hours average 0.3 ㎍/m3
24 hr Nowcast weighted avg 0.0 ㎍/m3
Last 24 hour index 1.4-Very good
Air Quality - PM10
Current 0.0 ㎍/m3
Last hour average 0.1 ㎍/m3
Last 3 hours average 0.2 ㎍/m3
Last 24 hours average 0.7 ㎍/m3
24 hr Nowcast weighted avg 0.2 ㎍/m3
Last 24 hour index 1.3-Very good
Forecast, sun and moon

Zambretti station forecast: Settled Fine Weather
Sager station forecast: Increasing cloud or overcast possibly followed by rain or showers; Probably increasing East or Southeast winds.
Bureau of Meteorology Forecast
Day Forecast Min Max Rain
Tue iconPartly cloudy. 23 °C 5%
Wed iconPartly cloudy. 14 °C 23 °C 20%
Thu iconShower or two. 15 °C 23 °C 70%
Fri iconShower or two. 15 °C 25 °C 50%
Sat iconShower or two. 16 °C 26 °C 60%
Sun iconShowers increasing. 18 °C 26 °C 90%
Mon iconShower or two. 17 °C 27 °C 60%
Issued: 9:06 am Tue Oct 4
Next routine issue: 4:20 pm Tue Oct 4

Sun rise and set
Sun rise: 5:25 am Sun set: 5:50 pm
Day length: 12 hrs 25 min
No Image
Current Sun Position
Civil Twilight
Dawn: 5:01 am Dusk: 6:13 pm
Day light length: 13 hrs 11 min
Moon rise and set
Moon rise: 11:50 am Moon set: 1:23 am
Moon visible: 63 %
Waxing Gibbous

Recent Daily Weather Notes
Last updated at 8:23 AM on 4 October 2022

1/10/22: Increasing clouds of Cu, Sc, and As clouds from morning. The temperature fell from early, close to average, rose from early in the morning, and rose less quickly from the mid morning, slightly cool, cool from the late morning and cold in the afternoon, as the temperature fell. In the evening the temperature eased to cool and to slightly cool from the middle of the evening. Dew point was close to average that fell slowly from early, rose form early in the morning and became stable from the mid morning. From the mid afternoon the dew point fell slowly, close to average. Relative humidity rose from early, slightly below average, fell during the morning while becoming slightly above average, fell slowly from the mid morning before rising in the afternoon and evening, moderately high in the early afternoon, high from the mid afternoon, easing to moderately high in the late afternoon and to slightly above average in the evening. Mostly calm winds from early, then light S to SW winds in the morning, light SSE to SW winds from the late morning, and E to SE during in the mid afternoon. Light S to SE winds from the late afternoon becoming SSW to SSE later in the evening.

3/10/22: Mostly cloudy with Cu, Sc and As clouds. Light showers from middle of the early hours until middle of day. Occasional brief light showers in afternoon, and some drizzle in evening. The temperature fell from early, close to average before rising slowly from early in the morning, slightly cool and very cold from the mid morning. From the early afternoon the temperature generally fell easing to cold late in the afternoon, cool early in the evening and to slightly cool during the evening. Dew point was close to average that fell, before rising from early morning, slightly below average easing to near average from the late morning. From the early afternoon the dew point fell slowly. Relative humidity was close to average rose slowly from early, fell slightly in the mid morning, moderately high, before rising slowly afterwards, becoming very high from the late morning. In the afternoon the relative humidity generally rose slowly, easing to high in the late afternoon and to near average in the evening. Light SW to SE winds from early with periods of calm winds before S to SW winds from the morning. Light SW to SE winds in the afternoon, calm winds from late in the afternoon, became SSE to ESE winds during the evening, became S to SW from the middle of the evening before calm winds late in the evening with some W to SW winds.

3/10/22: Partly cloudy with Cu and Sc clouds. The temperature fell from early, slightly cool and cool from the middle of the early hours before rising from early morning. From the mid morning to the mid afternoon the temperature was rather variable that became generally stable from the late morning that was cold and fell from the mid afternoon, easing to cool from the late afternoon. Dew point was slightly below average that fell, before rising from early in the morning. From the mid morning the dew point generally fell slowly, became generally stable from the mid afternoon and fell slowly in the evening. Relative humidity rose very slowly, close to average, before falling from the morning morning. From the mid afternoon the relative humidity rose, slightly above average and near average in the evening. Mostly calm winds from early before light S to SSW winds during the morning and mostly S to ESE winds from the mid morning. Light E to E winds from the middle of the day, light E to ENE winds late in the afternoon and early in the evening before mostly calm winds in the evening.