Welcome to the blog

Today is one year to the day that this website was launched. Just over 2000 page views have been made from at least 1200 visits in the last year.

The Ferny Grove Weather website was created as a personal project to replace the existing website that was well over-due for a revamp and for the current weather data to be available online in real-time.

I would like to thank everyone for visiting this website during this time, many of who have have showed interest by returning numerous times or by providing feedback on how you like the website. It was not anticipated that this website would continue to see people visiting this website in this way. In fact during active weather events visitor activity of the number of people who visit the site would significantly increase.

I offer this weather data without warranty in the hope that it is useful. There are many people publishing weather station data through international personal weather station networks. However there are very few that run independent weather websites in our region of south east Queensland. The benefit of these websites is that they measure weather data at locations without official stations nearby with the freedom to present the data how we like to show it.

I am starting up this blog given this interest and primarily as a way to communicate that new content is available and content that is under testing/ or trial.  There is much planned to add to what we already have available involving learning different processes to deliver that data and that will take time to achieve. Additionally I would like to see this as a way to inform on how this data is produced and published if there is appetite for this information.

Please tell us if you have thoughts on what you information you would like to see on this blog.