New graphs

In the past month two new pages are available that show recent and historical data as charts for various parameters. This data is drawn from the weather station database each time one of these graphs are viewed. These new pages are:

  • Historic Graphs that shows the historical data for the various parameters summarised as daily, monthly and annually. This uses data from the entire station record of the past 9 to 11 years (depending on the parameter). Among these graphs is the plotting of the long term average for each month of the year, along with the highest and lowest measurement made.
  • Hourly Data Graphs shows the average value for each hour for the past 30 days compared to the long term average for the respective hour and month. Also plotted is a dashed line of the hourly average value. This allows to view the trends summarised as hour over time and see how the much the plotted data is above or below average (or close to average). This calculation is a little intensive, so the graph my take a little longer to load than the other graphs because all the sub-hourly data records over the entire station record need to retrieved from the database to determine the long term average which is then compared to the calculated average value for each hour.