July 2020 weather review

The review of the weather at Ferny Grove during July 2020 is now available.

In July 2020 overnight temperatures were above average and were the highest in 4 years. During the month there were very few cool nights and many warm nights. The 21st to 28th was above average as much as 7 ºC above average. Daytime temperatures were close to average and in contrast to the overnight temperatures was the lowest in 4 years. Most of first 18 days of the month saw above average daytime temperatures. There were several cool days between the 21st and 25th associated with cloud coverage and rainfall. Persistent overnight breezes during much of the month slowed the fall in the temperature and prevented cold mornings from occurring.

July rainfall was below average, with a total of 50.4 mm (150.3% of the long term average). Even though most preceding months during autumn and winter observed below average rainfall totals the year to date rainfall however remains above average at 15.6 % above the long term average and the highest since 2015. On the 9th, 10th and 12th were light showers and drizzle with some light rain. Rainfall returned later in the month with further light rain at times and showers between the 24th and 26th as a result of a frontal system and the coastal trough that shifted southwards along the coastline. On the 26th the passage of gust front brought showers but with no measurable rainfall.

Long period rainfall totals remained well below average but improved a little for most periods. The shorter time spans have remained above average, given the significant or near average rainfall was experienced in February and March. 6 monthly rainfall remained above average but was below average for 9 monthly to 48 monthly, with the greatest being 18 monthly rainfall at 236.9 mm below average.

The summary containing the key information can be found here.

The full report of more detailed analysis is available here.