April 2021 weather review

The review of the weather at Ferny Grove during April 2021 is now available.

In April 2021 overnight temperatures were below average. Daytime temperatures were close to average but was the coolest for April in 11 years. April minimum temperatures were near or above average in the first 10 days of the month before an extended period of below average temperatures during most of the remaining of the month. Maximum temperatures during April were near average or below average throughout the month with some above average temperatures.

April rainfall was the highest for April in 6 years and was above average with a total of 130.1 mm (138.6% of the long term average and 308.1% of the site median). Light showers with some moderate to heavy falls occurred at the start of the month tending to drizzle and light rain from the 4th and cleared on the 7th with moderate falls on the 6th. Light to moderate showers on the 8th and light showers on the 17th with some moderate to heavy falls. On the 30th were light to moderate thundery showers. Most of the rainfall during the month fell in the first week where the monthly rainfall total on the 7th had reached 114.4 mm.

Long period rainfall totals improved for most periods as compared with February 2021. Many of the long period totals remained slightly above average or above average, though the longer time periods of 24 and 36 month have remained with negative anomalies. 6 monthly rainfall dropped slightly by 13.4 mm to 71.8 mm above average and 9 monthly rainfall improved slightly by 20.2 mm to 86.2 mm above average. 12 monthly rainfall improved by 113.9 mm to 7.3 mm above average. 18 month rainfall improved by 69.5 mm and was 93 mm above average. 24 month and 36 month remained below average which improved by 109.9 mm to 14 mm below average for 24 month rainfall and improved by 60.1 mm to 165 mm below average for 36 month rainfall. 48 month rainfall improved by 135.2 mm to 24.9 mm above average. Compared with the same period in 2020 the long period rainfall totals improved and significantly for some periods but have worsened for 36 and 48 monthly totals.

The summary containing the key information can be found here.

The full report of more detailed analysis is available here.