June 2021 weather review

The review of the weather at Ferny Grove during June 2021 is now available.

In June at Ferny Grove overnight and daytime temperatures were close to average. Daytime temperatures were the lowest in 5 years. Minimum temperatures during June were predominately below average with some periods of above average temperatures throughout the month. Maximum temperatures in June were near average or slightly above average during most days with some cool days.

Rainfall for June was below average but close to the long term median with a total of 23.9 mm (38.6% of the long term average and 61.8% of the site median). Light rain on the 3rd and light showers early on the 9th. A mild mid-morning thunderstorm with brief moderate falls and then light rain later in morning on the 15th. Light showers on the 23rd and 24th. Light rain at times on the 24th and 26th. Light showers on the 29th and 30th with some moderate falls. After some rainfall at the start of the month, about one-third of the rainfall was measured on the 16th, and another third later in the month. Most rainfall during the month was light.

The long period rainfall totals continued to remain above average for rainfall periods up to 18 month but generally remained near average at the longer time spans, though 36 month remained below average. As compared with May 2021 the 6 monthly rainfall dropped back by 57.7 mm to 96.4 mm above average, 9 month rainfall dropped back by 15.1 mm to 94.9 mm and 12 monthly slipped by 20.5 mm to 75.6 mm above average.18 month rainfall remained above average at 212.1 mm above average after improving by 46.4 mm. 24 month rainfall slipped slightly by 18 mm from 9.8 mm above average to 8.1 mm below average. 36 month rainfall continued to remain the only period that was significantly below average that was 129.8 mm below average but improved by 35.2 mm from May 2021. 48 monthly rainfall slipped slightly from 2.2 mm above average to 23.4 mm above average. Compared with the same period in 2020 the long period rainfall totals improved or dropped slightly.

The summary containing the key information can be found here.

The full report of more detailed analysis is available here.