Thank you: Website after two years

Today marks two years since the launch of the Ferny Grove Weather website. It is great appreciation to everyone who have visited this website during this time. I would especially like to thank those who have showed a continued interest in the website who have visited many times.

During this time, a total of 3879 visits have been made by 1311 visitors of which 59 % have previously visited the website. Those who have visited this website most frequently (in top 1% of all return visits made) have brought 58.2 % of all visits which were made by 20 unique visitors. A total of 5401 page views have been made.

It is not surprising but is very satisfying that visit activity on the website increased during times when the weather is more active and especially during wetter weather which are obvious in the information contained on the Website Analytics page.

There is very strong interest in the real time data on this website which received a large proportion of all activity on the website (52.2 % for the home page and 37 % for the gauges out of all of the page views).

This website came about based on the desire to upgrade the weather station used for improved accuracy and to shift towards measuring the weather in real-time. This website was built as a personal project to view the data that was easy to access, be updated in an automated nature as nearly to real-time as possible and no matter what screen size I am using. It was however not expected to see this interest from everyone but is certainly valued that for those who have wanted to keep tabs on the weather have used this website to do this.

Moving forwards there is much more planned to improve and add to the website and this includes a plan to publish data that to date is not viewable on the website. As this is a personal project and the complexities involved, it does takes time to complete these additions with the accuracy and use friendliness of the website being important components to this get right.

But if there are any specific things on the website you would like to see for consideration or if you have feedback, you are always welcome to reply here or to Contact Us with your thoughts.