September 2020 weather review

The review of the weather at Ferny Grove during September 2020 is now available.

During September 2020 overnight temperatures were above average and were the highest in 10 years. Similarly to August 2020, the month saw very few cool nights and many warm nights throughout the month. The 18th to 25th saw overnight temperatures peak at 9 ºC above average. Daytime temperatures were close to average and saw a mixture of above and below average temperatures.

Rainfall in September was below average but was close to the long term median, with a total of 14.2 mm (42.7% of the long term average). The long term rainfall for September is generally quite low, hence the close to median rainfall. While the rainfall total was quite low and continuation of the trend of low monthly rainfall totals, the year to date rainfall however remains above average at 9.8 % above the long term average and the highest since 2015. Low daily rainfall totals with light showers during some days during the month. A thunderstorm passed to the south on the 25th, as well as another thunderstorm to the north and brought a brief light shower.

Long period rainfall totals remained well below average during most periods while deteriorating further. 6 monthly rainfall fell significantly to 161.7 mm below average being more than 6 months since significant rainfall at the start of the year. 9 monthly rainfall was 79.4 mm above average while 12 to 48-month rainfall was between 72.4 mm below average for 12 month rainfall and 245.3 mm below average for 24 month rainfall.

The summary containing the key information can be found here.

The full report of more detailed analysis is available here.

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