UV radiation data

The website have been updated (v1.11.0) with new data that is now available on multiple pages to incorporate Ultraviolet (UV) radiation data following the start of recording this data from 21 March 2021. This addition is part of changes to measure solar radiation and air quality and to switch to a Weatherlink Live receiving unit between 19 and 26 December 2020.

The following pages have been updated with additional data:

  • The home page: the UV Index have been added to the real time updates including the UV Index exposure categories in the international colours with sun protection suggestions when hovering over the UV Index category
  •  Gauges: A gauge for UV Index was added
  •  Recent Graphs, Past Months Graphs and Historical Graphs: updated with new graphs containing UV Index (with banding for the exposure categories) and UV Dose data, as well as adding the UV Index to the existing Solar radiation graphs
  •  Today and Yesterday: Extremes and total for UV Index and UV Dose added
  •  This Month and Year: Extremes for UV Index added
  •  Annual Data Summary: Data for UV Index added
  • All-Time Records: Extremes for UV Index added
  •  Top 10 Records: UV Index records added
  •  Recent Extremes Since: UV Index extremes added for today and yesterday
  • About: updated with new information regarding the addition of the UV sensor that have been installed
  •  System Status: Reworked to align with the system changes and to provide additional system information now available with this change
  •  Glossary: Updated with additional terms for UV Index and UV Dose, including details of the formula used to calculate the UV Dose.

 Other changes made with this update include:

  • The database script that updates the Website Analytics page with current rainfall data by website visitors is now automated at the start of each month. This is a very expensive series of calculations that is only updated monthly.
  • On the Website Analytics page an issue fixed with the showing values greater than 90% on the Daily Rain by Visits graph
  • Fix an issue with the “New records in last 10 days” on the home page that didn’t show the month for a new monthly rain rate record
  • Added a note of discouragement to the link page about not requesting links to be added for commerical or spam purposes.

The UV Dose was added as to quantify the amount of UV radiation received at this location for each hour and over the course of day. This is because it is known that it is both the magnitude and length of time that determines how much radiation exposure is being received for sun protection purposes. This is calculated for each hour and shown on several pages. Whilst the Glossary page provides more information about this measure and how it calculated, for those interested below is the SQL statement to calculate the UV Dose from the real-time data for the Recent Graphs page.

And similarly the SQL statement for UV Dose on the Past Months Graphs page:

Feel free to let us know of your thoughts or suggestions regarding these additions.

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