January 2021 weather review

The review of the weather at Ferny Grove during January 2021 is now available.

In January 2021 overnight temperatures were above average. Daytime temperatures were below average and the lowest in 9 years. In January minimum temperatures saw a number of slightly warm nights throughout the month accompanied with some below average temperature throughout much of the month. Maximum temperatures in January were predominately below average that saw very few warm days during the month. Daytime temperatures on the 7th to 12th were below average, falling as low of 8 ºC below average on the 8th.

Rainfall in January was close to average with a total of 95.8 mm (66.1% of the long term average). During the first 10 days of the month was an active period of showers, thunderstorms, and light rain. During the middle of the month were some thunderstorms with some moderate falls. A moderate to heavy shower in the evening of the 16th produced 8 mm in 6 minutes. During the rest of the month were light showers on many of these days.

Most of the long period rainfall totals continue to remain below or well below average that reduced in January. As compared with the previous month the 6 monthly rainfall worsened a little to 74.7 mm below average, 9 monthly rainfall dropped from 52.7 mm below average to 153.5 mm below average and 12 month rainfall slipped by 86 mm to 8.2 mm above average. 18-month rainfall dropped significantly from 529.5 mm above average to 150.4 mm below average. 24- and 48-month rainfall improved while remaining below average a 163.9 mm below average and 68.8 mm below average respectively, while 36-month rainfall fell by 806 mm to 442.6 mm below average. Compared with the same period in the previous year these totals have generally improved except for 36-month rainfall falling from 124.6 mm above average to 442.6 mm below average.

The summary containing the key information can be found here.

The full report of more detailed analysis is available here.

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